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Chocolate Melter:

Fast Chocolate Melter
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Fast Chocolate Melter

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Gusu Machinery® RYG1000 Series Chocolate Melter is designed for fast melting of chocolate, compound, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and fat, especially in block form.
Fast melting grills with hot circulation water inside enables fast melting. Jacketed walls filled with rock wool prevent heat chromosphere at the very highest level. Selective stirring functions and PLC control with easy operation. 
The design of the chocolate melter have been manufactured with safety in mind, as the melters have a low loading height, within 1100mm, which means there is no need for stairs or gantries.

Technical Parameter


Water Temp. in the jacket()



Overall Size(mm)







Integral heating system and control panel

Stainless steel construction, with all contact parts 304 stainless steel

Selective stirring function for melting tank

Option for two heating systems, so you can have one temperature for melting and another for holding, if required

Option for jacketed chocolate/fat pump and jacketed pipelines

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